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Combermere, Ontario

Combermere is a village located along the Madawaska River in south-eastern Ontario, Canada. It is part of Township of Madawaska Valley.

One hundred and thirty-five years ago, Combermere, known then as Dennisons’ Bridge, was little more than a coach stop along the Peterson Road, one of Ontario’s most significant colonization roads that brought colonists into Hastings, Haliburton and Renfrew Counties. Seeking to make a new life for themselves and their families in the New World, immigrants from the United Kingdom and Europe travelled westward from the Ottawa River along the Peterson Road to what is today the hamlet of Combermere.

In those early years, dozens of settlers carved out homesteads in this beautiful area along the banks of the Madawaska River in the shadows of the red and white pine, maple and oak.

Combermere is best known as home to Madonna House, but the community hosts a farmer's market and also provides access to numerous lakes and rivers for cottagers and tourists who visit the area.

Extensive damage resulted when a tornado moved through the area during the evening hours of August 2, 2006. Trailers, roofs and cottages sustained heavy damages from the tornado (a strength of F2 according to Environment Canada). Acres of land were flattened and groves of century-old pines were destroyed. No lives were lost in the community.

Source: Wikipedia

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